1(1) 2015: Digital Material/ism


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The inaugural issue on “Digital Material/ism” has been published in October 2015. It presents methodological and theoretical insights into digital materiality and materialism. The print issue can be ordered through the publisher’s website (transcript). All articles are now available as open access (since October 2016; CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0). They can be downloaded individually below.




Digital Material/ism
Ramon Reichert and Annika Richterich

I      Software/Code Studies and Digital Material

Unearthing Techno-Ecology
On the Possibility of a Technical Media Philosophy of Ecology
Tim Barker and Conor McKeown

Reciprocal Materiality and the Body of Code
A Close Reading of the American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII)
Till A. Heilmann

II      The Material of the Digital and Emerging Practices

Swipe to Unlock
How the Materiality of the Touchscreen Frames Media Use and Corresponding Perceptions of Media Content
Stefan Werning

Towards an Integrated Theory of the Cyber-Urban
Digital Materiality and Networked Media at Multiple Scales
Laura Forlano

III      Methodological and Conceptual Reflections

Technological Materiality
and Assumptions About ‘Active’ Human Agency
Grant Bollmer

Interpreting an Improper Materialism
On Aesthesis, Synesthesia and the Digital
Ashley Scarlett

Towards a Relational Materialism
A Reflection on Language, Relations and the Digital
Yuk Hui

IV      Entering the Field

Signs o’ the Times
The Software of Philology and a Philology of Software
Moritz Hiller

From Her (2013) to Viv the Global Brain
Becoming Material, Unfolding Experience through Radical Empiricism and Process Philosophy
Evelyn Wan

Material Agency in User-Centred Design Practices
High School Students Improvising (with) Smart Sensor Prototypes
Sabrina Sauer

V      In Conversation with…

A Geology of Media and a New Materialism
Jussi Parikka in Conversation with Annika Richterich

Information Politics
Tim Jordan in Conversation with Karin Wenz


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