5(1) 2019: Inequalities and Divides in Digital Cultures


Table of contents

Inequalities and Divides in Digital Cultures
Annika Richterich and Pablo Abend


Case Studies and Field Research

Big Data Biopolitics
Computing Racialised Assemblages in Terrorist Watchlist Matching
Gary Kafer

Accounting for Visual Bias in Tangible Data Design
Gabby Resch

The Political Economy of Cultural Memory in the Videogames Industry
Emil Lundedal Hammar

Slow Side of the Divide?
Older ICT Non- and Seldom-Users Discussing Social Acceleration and Social Change
Magdalena Kania-Lundholm

Unpacking El Paquete
The Poetics and Politics of Cuba’s Offline Data-Sharing Network
Steffen Köhn

Refusing Shame and Inertia
A Mobile Heterotopia in a Migrant Camp
Natalie Dixon


Entering the Field

Mapping Wikipedia’s Geolinguistic Contours
Martin Dittus and Mark Graham

Mobile Media Art and Digital Wayfaring: Creative Practice Ethnography into Regional Working Mothers’ Commuting Practices
Klare Lanson

Technology and In/equality, Questioning the Information Society
(Almost) 20 Years Later
Flis Henwood and Sally Wyatt


In Conversation with…

Global Data Justice
Linnet Taylor in Conversation with Annika Richterich and Pablo Abend


Biographical Notes