4(1) 2018: Rethinking AI


Table of contents

Rethinking AI. Neural Networks, Biometrics and the New Artificial Intelligence
Mathias Fuchs & Ramón Reichert

I. Methodological and Conceptual Reflections

Can We Think Without Categories?
Lev Manovich

Secret Agents
A Psychoanalytic Critique of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Clemens Apprich

Voices from the Uncanny Valley
How Robots and Artificial Intelligences Talk Back to Us
Tiina Männistö-Funk & Tanja Sihvonen

II. Epistemologies and Media Genealogy

Educational AI
A Critical Exploration of Layers of Production and Productivity
Franz Krämer

Competing Visions for AI
Turing, Licklider and Generative Literature
Oscar Schwartz

Pervasive Intelligence
The Tempo-Spatiality of Drone Swarms
Sebastian Vehlken

Where the Sun never Shines
Emerging Paradigms of Post-enlightened Cognition
Johannes Bruder 

III. Politics and Media Research

The Coming Political Challenges of Artificial Intelligence
Benjamin Gregg

On the Media-political Dimension of Artificial Intelligence
Deep Learning as a Black Box and OpenAI
Andreas Sudmann

Automated State of Play
Rethinking Anthropocentric Rules of the Game
Sonia Fizek

IV. Entering the Field

Visual Tactics Toward an Ethical Debugging
Catherine Griffiths

Unconventional Classifiers and Anti-social Machine Intelligences
Artists Creating Spaces of Contestation and Sensibilities of Difference Across Human-Machine Networks
Monica Monin

Biographical Notes