3(2) 2017: Mobile Digital Practices


Table of contents

Mobile Digital Practices. Situating People, Things, and Data
Anna Lisa Ramella, Asko Lehmuskallio, Tristan Thielmann, and Pablo Abend

I. Field Research and Case Studies

The MicroSDs of Solomon Islands
An Offline Remittance Economy of Digital Multi-Media
Geoffrey Hobbis

In the Footsteps of Smartphone-Users
Traces of a Deferred Community in Ingress and Pokémon Go
Anne Ganzert, Theresa Gielnik, Philip Hauser, Julia Ihls, Isabell Otto

Digital Mediation, Soft Cabs, and Spatial Labour
Donald N. Anderson

So ‘Hot’ Right Now
Reflections on Virality and Sociality from Transnational Digital China
Jamie Coates

Twitter in Place
Examining Seoul’s Gwanghwamun Plaza through Social Media Activism
Samuel Gerald Collins

Screen Screen Tourism
Marion Schulze

Audiences, Aesthetics and Affordances. Analysing Practices of Visual Communication on Social Media
Maria Schreiber

Mobile Mediated Visualities
An Empirical Study of Visual Practices on Instagram
Elisa Serafinelli and Mikko Villi

‘Re-appropriating’ Facebook?
Web API mashups as Collective Cultural Practice
Stefan Werning

II Entering the Field

Situating Hobby Drone Practices
Julia M. Hildebrand

The Inchoate Field of Digital Offline
A Reflection on Studying Mobile Media Practices of Digital Subalterns in India
Rashmi M. 

Mad Practices and Mobilities
Bringing Voices to Digital Ethnography
Cherry Baylosis

An Experimental Autoethnography of Mobile Freelancing
Nadia Hakim Fernández

III. In Conversation with …

The Practice of Practice
Heather Horst, David Morley, and Noel B. Salazar in Conversation with Roger Norum