Call for Papers

Our first call for papers invited submissions on “Digital Material/ism” which have been presented in our inaugural volume 1(1) 2015. The second call for papers and volume 2(1) are dedicated to “Quantified Selves | Statistic Bodies“. Volume  2(2) 2016 is a special issue on “Politics of Big Data“, edited by Mark Coté, Paolo Gerbaudo and Jennifer Pybus. Volume 3(1) 2017 explores “Making and Hacking” practices. Volume 3(2) 2017 “Mobile Digital Practices“, edited by Anna Lisa Ramella, Asko Lehmuskallio, Tristan Thielmann and Pablo Abend, discusses the mobility of people, data and devices.

Our next call for papers, for volume 4(2), will be available in early 2018.